Saturday, August 11, 2012

Black Swan-Inspired Halloween Pre-Prep

It's so annoying that every time I come back to Blogger/Blogspot, they've changed something else. It's gotten to the point where I feel like they change something every week... even if I've not been around for oh, say... eight months.


Anyway, I can safely say that the reason I haven't seen fit to continue with this blog for the past several months has been because I haven't felt so inspired to do much in the way of craftiness/cooking experiments, etc. I've worked on my garden, yes, but here's an open secret: I don't know how to garden in a desert--only someplace that's rather cool and has a lot of precipitation--so my poor plants haven't taken off like I planned. They're still alive, of course, and producing, but not like I know they could be. For example, I only recently discovered that the "full sun" requirements for tomatoes don't actually apply in my situation, and that I should erect a little shade over them once the tomatoes start popping out. Oops. Duly noted.

The biggest problem I'm having with my garden is that the landlord won't let me plant grass. He says it's "too expensive and hard to keep alive." Well, excuse me, but while tomatoes and other fruit-bearing plants might need a little help in this hellishly-hot climate, there happens to be one random wild patch of grass growing right beside my door, without any help, in full sun. Still, he's the boss, so instead of having lush (or even half-hearted) groundcover on which to traverse bare-footed, I have... dirt. Dry, dusty dirt with crap in it from when people used the yard as a trash can. Perfect. This isn't exactly beneficial to my garden dreams, not to mention that apparently, nobody here knows anything about proper garden-plotting, let alone landscaping. :(

Anyway, I'm sure the garden will get better as the years go by next year. I have a lot of plans for this garden, once the rain starts to hit again (hopefully around November this year; last rainy season it didn't start until about January). Until then, I'll tend to what I have already, and try to come up with alternative and inexpensive ground cover.

In craftier news, the jars I planned never got labeled, although I did paint over the uglier jar lids with a gold paint, which makes them look much better in my cupboard, and of course I was able to arrange my herbs within. I'm finally starting to get the crafty bug again, because to be quite honest, for months now, every aspect of my spare time has been taken by dance. I'm still dancing, and I'm still plotting, planning, and organizing various dance projects, but I FINALLY have a bit more organization in that aspect of my life, so I've found a little time again for something besides my beloved performing arts. Besides that, I rearranged my boring day-job schedule, and intend to begin supplementing that with income from more interesting exploits soon, which also brings me more time. It also helps that, around this time of year, I tend to always begin to yearn for the Fall/Winter holidays--Halloween and Christmas in particular.

Now, Christmas is still somewhat far away, but I'm glad I've started thinking about it, because I want to send gifts to my parents, and not have it be last-minute. I also want to make Christmas cards this year, and that IS something that I will need to get a head-start on. (At this point, I think I've decided on a design concept, which I usually don't get inspiration for until, say, December 20 or so.) I really want to get a head-start on Halloween, though, since I want to have a party this year, it's a lot closer than we all realize--only 2.5 months--and I have basically nothing in the way of Halloween decorations anyway.

I've been madly organizing ideas on Pinterest like nobody's business, and am excited to get started... theoretically. We all know how that goes. Fortunately, however, I've actually found the ambition to start on one of my projects. It's actually a project that hasn't been Pinned, and that I came up with all by myself. :)

I'm turning an old, dead pair of pointe shoes into a decorative item inspired by the "Black Swan" movie. It's enough of a creepy thriller to count toward my version of Halloween (spooky yet refined), and really, what else am I going to do with a dead (hyuck--geddit?) pair of pointe shoes? Thus, I decided to paint them white, and will next coat them in white feathers. After this, I will cover the feathers with a black tulle, and we will go from there with regards to the detailing, ribbons, insides of the shoes, etc. I have some great ideas from my crafty friends over at The League of Extraordinary Crafters, and so I have a lot of people waiting to see these shoes! It's a good way to.. heh.... keep me on my crafting toes. x-P

The shoes have a long way to go, but hopefully I will get quite a bit done on them tomorrow. In the meantime, though, I also have other crafty things to do for Halloween. I just hope I actually get them all done!

What about you? Have you already started thinking about Halloween? If so, what are you planning? What's YOUR Halloween style?

xoxo, Morgaine

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